Panama Law Firm of the Year

Panama Law Firm of the Year

In late March, Alcogal was recognized by the prestigious legal publication International Financial Law Review (IFLR) as “Panama Law Firm of the Year”. This award comes as a complement to the distinction received by the firm in September 2013, when Chambers and Partners also named it the best law firm in the country.

Both IFLR and Chambers and Partners have over 20 years of experience in the field of assessing law firms around the world. Both publications base their conclusions on a comprehensive research process, which includes numerous interviews with clients and attorneys. This process also involves a thorough analysis of the volume and relevance of the material transactions that each of the major law firms in each country has handled during the year.

In concluding their investigation and analysis cycles, both publications organize galas to disseminate their results and reward the best law firms from around the world. It was in this context that Chambers and Partners and IFLR, two of the most important legal directories worldwide, recognized Alcogal as “Panama Law Firm of the Year” for its participation in the country’s most important legal transactions. Alcogal has earned this distinction 3 of the 6 years that Chambers and Partners has awarded the prize in Panama.

“For us, these distinctions are the result of the trust that our clients have placed in our firm and of the significant efforts exerted by our employees to satisfy our clients’ needs in the various areas of the law in which we practice. On this special occasion, we would like to thank our clients for giving us the opportunity to serve them”, expressed Dr. Jaime Aleman, one of the founding partners of Alcogal.

The Chambers and Partners gala was held in September 2013 at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, and Dr. Jaime Aleman, Dr. Alejandro Ferrer and Dr. Eloy Alfaro Boyd were present on behalf of Alcogal. IFLR, meanwhile, offered its elegant ceremony in late March 2014 at the Pierre Hotel in New York City, where Dr. Carlos Cordero, Mr. Arturo Gerbaud, Dr. Eloy Alfaro and Dr. Patricia Cordero represented Alcogal and received the important award.