Alcogal supports Panamanian cinema with a donation

In recent days, Alcogal made a donation to the Foundation of the International Film Festival of Panama (IFF), to support the implementation of the International Film Festival that took place between December 3 and 5 and the social responsibility activities carried out by this foundation.

Through this contribution Alcogal reaffirms its commitment to the culture and sustainable development of the country, since beyond the projections that were carried out during the event, IFF Panama also carries out social responsibility activities, focused on the educational and training field of children, young students, and members of the film industry.

“Thank you very much for this donation to the IFF, which not only has a high-scale festival but also strengthens the entire film industry at a local and regional level,” said Debbie Kuzniecky – Communications Coordinator of IFF Panama, upon receiving the donation from Alcogal´s founding partner, Jaime Alemán.

IFF Panama is the dissemination platform for cinema in Panama, Central America, and the Caribbean, with screenings, training programs, conferences, and digital as well as face-to-face activities.