Alcogal supports initiative in favor of children living in vulnerable conditions

Alcogal made a donation to the Fundación Comedor Infantil Senderos, with the aim of supporting the work carried out by this organization for the benefit of children living in vulnerable conditions.

With this contribution, Alcogal will help bring joy to children of the Kuna Nega community, Ancón district, Panama province, as part of the Christmas festivities.

“On behalf of the Fundación Comedor Infantil Senderos, I would like to thank Alcogal for the generous gesture that will enable us to offer a special Christmas party to 50 children who are beneficiaries of our foundation. Thank you for helping us make a difference. Your support encourages us to continue committing ourselves to the Panamanian children in need,” upon receiving the donation from Alcogal’s partner, Arturo Gerbaud.

For his part, Gerbaud indicated that Alcogal is very pleased to support different initiatives and work together with various actors in society for the benefit of the community.